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After another uneventful flight I'm back in Japan. I had a lot of fun in the Netherlands, seeing my family and friends again, but tomorrow it's back to work.

Because I can't really sleep in moving vehicles (aircraft, cars, trains, etc.) unless I'm extremely tired I once again didn't get any sleep on the plane, but since we had personal screens with interactive entertainment on this flight it wasn't so bad. I saw various stuff including The Simpsons Movie, which was okay but not spectacular, but the real surprise was the movie Stardust, which I had never heard of and only picked because the name sounded interesting and because it listed Ian McKellen among the actors (who as it turns out didn't really have a part but only narrates). It was a genuinely fun fantasy movie which I'll probably want to see again sometime (but then not on a 5" screen and without engine noise in the background). If you haven't seen it and like lighthearted fantasy movies (e.g. The Princess Bride) I can definitely recommend Stardust.

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Posted on: 2008-01-06 14:01 UTC.



2008-01-06 17:10 UTC

There's only one way that could make the flight more interesting to you and that would be to sit in the cockpit :-) am I wrong?


2008-01-06 22:18 UTC

Hee Sven. (Ik doe het lekker in het Nederlands, mag dat?)
Mooi dat je weer een goede vlucht hebt gehad, geen turbulentieproblemen a la the day after tomorrow? ;) Maareh zo slecht is Simpsons the movie toch niet, prima vermaak zo met Spider-Pig!

Groetjes Rik


2010-08-20 01:43 UTC

Did you ever read the original Stardust novel by Neil Gaiman? I recommend it; it's really good. :)


2011-10-27 02:42 UTC

There is a documentary television show called Air Crash Investigation (also known as "Mayday" or "Air Emergency" in different countries). Each episode is about a real plane crash. They reenact the crash and follow the subsequent investigation. I really enjoy it because it gets into engineering and human factors and can be very technical. It is not as melodramatic and sensationalized as other similar shows.

I once saw a video of someone watching this show on the satellite television service on a plane. Now I really want to watch this show about plane crashes while flying!

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