Crusade in Jeans

It happens a lot these days: a cherished childhood memory being turned into a major motion picture. Still, I had never expected this particular memory to get that treatment.

As a kid, I (like many other Dutch kids) was a big fan of the books of Thea Beckman, and "Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek" (Crusade in Jeans) was definitely one of my favourites.

The story is about a 20th century boy who's uncle invents a time machine (besides that the book isn't very science fiction at all) and gets accidentally stuck in the 13th century, in the middle of a Children's Crusade.

And now, they've turned it into a movie. And not just any movie. This isn't some small Dutch production with the same five actors that are in every other Dutch movie. It's a huge international production, with a mostly non-Dutch cast, and completely in English. It also supposedly features quite a few changes in the plot from the book (which needn't be bad; I recognize that film is a very different medium than books for storytelling, so changes are to be expected).

It opens in the Netherlands next Wednesday, and despite some reservations (I have a hard time believing they could've lived up to my expectations with this one) I do think I'm going to see it. I'm curious to say the least.

Here's a trailer (actors speak English, but the voice over is in Dutch).

If this movie is any good, maybe I should try to convince them to do "Kinderen van moeder aarde" (Children of mother earth) next...

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Posted on: 2006-11-11 19:41 UTC.



2006-12-04 17:12 UTC

Hi. I was in the movie last sunday in Reuver. I like Netherland, the movie, the language. When I wanted to go to the conema i wanted to see another film (From Paul Verhoven), but after I saw the trailer from Krusitocht in Spijkerbroek I ve changed my plans. There are so much american films (even there are much good ones), that european films are having problems in having succees. But this film is in my opinion very good, even the book is different from the movie. It has everything for a good film: Romantic, Action,.. .The spectator watches the movie in fear and hope for Dolf hoping that he will survive his mission.
I hope that this movie will have a graet succes in Europe. Maybe i will be going another time in the movie when playing in Germany.
It would be nice, if this film wins several prices. (May be the Oscar too for best international Children movie?).

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