Find As You Type 1.2 in c't magazine

I indicated earlier that Find As You Type was to be included with the German computer magazine c't.

A few days ago I received the issue of the magazine that includes the DVD containing Find As You Type. The magazine doesn't really mention Find As You Type except in the list of software on the DVD and one small line in the article: "Find As You Type ermöglicht die inkrementelle Suche in geöffneten Websites" (Find As You Type enables incremental search in opened websites). You can also find a mention here (just use Find As You Type to search for "Find As You Type" on that page :P ).

But it's on the DVD, so hopefully some people will find and install it. :)

It's issue 11, released 2007-5-14, if you're interested.

PS: There will be a slight delay in the next part of my Nikko story. On the third day (May 19th), I forgot my camera so Bogdan let me use his camera. I will not be able to get those pictures until Friday, so just a little more patience please. :)

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Posted on: 2007-05-23 13:27 UTC.



2007-05-25 17:54 UTC

Ganz super!

Ali Robertsn

2007-06-04 08:08 UTC

I've got a suggestion and I've no idea where to put it - so I'll try here. When you're not connected to the net, find as you type throws up an error saying it can't connect to check for updates. I suspect this will be irritating because I use IE locally regularly. Is it really necessary to tell me it can't check for updates if it's working anyway? Maybe it would be best for a little icon to show up in the find field instead?

Sven Groot Author comment

2007-06-04 10:51 UTC

Hi Ali,
This is as good a place to post suggestions as any. I am aware of this issue and I do plan to address it eventually. As a mitigating factor, it should wait a day or week (depending on settings) before trying again if it failed (although I've heard reports where that didn't happen and it tried each time, although I have been unable to reproduce that behaviour myself).

Robert Evans

2007-06-16 21:36 UTC

Cross posting this to both Yahoo and You:

Windows Vista Home Premium (Patches up to date)
IE 7 (Java 1.6.0_01-b06) with "Find as You Type" plugin set to "Open Find as you Type toolbar when I start typing on a web page"

Using Yahoo mail Beta: When I begin typing in the message reply or "new composition" text box, "Find as You Type" pops up and all of my text goes into it's search field. (Nothing gets typed in the compose mail message window, even if I reselect the message window)

When the above mentioned "Find as you Type" option is not selected, everything works fine.

Robert Evans

2007-06-16 23:57 UTC

Oh yeah. Thanks for the plugin, it's quite helpful when I'm not using Firefox :) bd (2 thumbs up)

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