Find As You Type and IE8 beta 2

Internet Explorer logo In case you missed it (which I think is only possible if you read no blogs except mine), Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 was released today. Beta 2 fixes some of the issues that beta 1 had and brings a lot of new stuff to the table especially for the casual user (beta 1 really was only a developer preview, after all). It's definitely worth checking out.

Some of you may remember that my Find As You Type add-on didn't exactly work very well in beta 1. So what's the story with beta 2?

First of all: IE8 now includes functionality similar to Find As You Type! This will surprise precisely no one since the feature was originally planned for IE7 but postponed. Now with IE8 beta 2, it's finally in there. IE8's new find functionaly works pretty much the same as my FAYT add-on, so there's really not much reason to keep using FAYT.

However, for those of you that do wish to keep using FAYT (for instance for some of features that IE8's new built-in find lacks, such as customization, auto-start, and immediate search while using an IME), there is good news also: unlike with beta 1, Find As You Type works fine with IE8 beta 2. The only thing that appears broken is that if you press CTRL-F when the focus is on the browser chrome (e.g. the address bar or search box), the FAYT toolbar does not open, instead IE's own find opens. If you press CTRL-F while a page has focus, the FAYT toolbar will open just like it does in IE7. I suspect this has something to do with the modified process model that IE8 uses for tabs.

Please let me know your experiences with FAYT and IE8, if you have any.

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Posted on: 2008-08-28 08:36 UTC.



2009-01-15 02:17 UTC

I am using winXP and ie8 beta2.


2010-05-09 01:35 UTC

If it's not asking for too much, can you make a version of FAYT that worked with Windows 2000? 1.2?


2010-05-30 05:22 UTC

1. Why don't you use ATL class for those factory and smart pointers?
2. there is no rgs files with the source, how to you register the addin?
Other than that, it is cool :-)

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