Find as you Type on finally approved my submission of Find As You Type 1.3, so now you can algo get it there.

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Posted on: 2007-10-19 02:18 UTC.



2007-11-17 14:55 UTC

I love FInd as you Type. I have loaded it on many people's browsers. I just loaded it on my new laptop. I dixcivered tha tyou programmed 1.3 to close when closing the browser. I would like it to stay open so that evey time I open the browser it is on the tool bar.

Is there an option to do that?


2007-11-19 20:45 UTC

Hi, I like Find As You Type but I have two recommendations.
1) Could focus be restored to the main window when teh FAYT toolbar is closed? I always close the toolbar then press the down arrow key to scroll down, but it won't work with current behaviour
2) Could, when links are highlighted, they be given 'selected' focus so that they can be accessed by pressing the Enter key? This I found EXTREMELY useful from Firefox and I would be very grateful if you could implement it.
Thanks! Chris

Sven Groot Author comment

2007-11-19 23:47 UTC

Hi Chris.
The focus is unfortunately beyond my control.
As for the links, if the search is highlighting (part of) a link, you can access it by pressing alt-enter.


2007-11-20 01:07 UTC

Wow! That Alt+Enter trick has made my day. Thanks SO much!

The focus thing is not so much of an issue, I can just hit Tab after pressing Esc and the page is focussed again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


2007-11-20 14:58 UTC

Just an idea: I know you say the Focus issue is out of your control, this is probably due to something like Esc closing the toolbar invalidates other commands, but if you were somehow able to execute the "document.focus()" javascript command that would do the trick.

For example it could just set the Window location as being "javascript:document.focus();" and that would return the focus to the document (if you tyy typing that into the address bar you'll see).

But I'm sure you've already thought of that and presumably it's to do with the way it closes :)


2007-11-20 15:01 UTC

Ooh (says he excitedly), another suggestion might be to have some sort of Auto-Close delay, so if the Find-As-You-Type bar hasn't been used for x seconds (defineable in options), it automatically closes. This would save the Ctrl+F, Esc sequence one has to do otherwise.

But it's a fairly insigificant point and I'm sure you have better things to do with your time! I'm still way too happy about the Alt+Enter trick, anyway.



2008-05-02 18:31 UTC

I'm really enjoying your find tool. It's way better than the IE standard find.

I was hoping to add a couple of suggestions to make you tool even better:

1) I'd love to be able to search for more than one term independently at the same time.
2) hightlighting search terms different colors would be nice also.
3) Can the search term span multiple tabs? Meaning, when I switch to a new tab, the string I previously search for is still available.

Love the tool.



2008-05-02 20:01 UTC

While using your add-on I just thought of another suggestion;
Would it be feasible to expose an extra line or two after the line where the string is found, so I can easily read the whole sentence that the string is in?

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