Going to Okinawa

We've been talking about it pretty much since I arrived in Japan, and the original plan was to do it last autumn but obviously that didn't happen, but now it's finally going to happen: we're going to Okinawa in the beginning of March.

Okinawa, for those who don't know, is a group of islands south of Japan. They're quite far from the main four islands of Japan (so far that they're actually closer to Taiwan and the Phillipines). It's in the tropics, which is why it's a bad idea to go there in the summer.

Today I've booked the flights. On February 28th we'll fly to Ishigaki, an island to the southwest of Okinawa Honto (the main Okinawa island) and the southermost city in Japan. At some point we'll go by boat to Naha (the capital of Okinawa prefecture) on Okinawa Honto, and from there we'll fly back March 11th.

Should be a lot of fun!

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Posted on: 2008-01-17 09:54 UTC.



2008-01-31 20:08 UTC

I'd really like to know how you arranged your trip to Okinawa. I have lived there for a couple of years and learned the Shamisen while there. I absolutely love it. Now I'm married with kids and would like to take them all there. Did you use a travel agency or did you put the itinerary together yourself? I'd be coming from Idaho.

Love what you're doing!

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