Greeting from Okinawa

If you're wondering why it's even more silent than usual on my blog, it's because I am, as I previously announced, on vacation in Okinawa. So far I have visited the islands Ishigaki (where we dived to see corals, my first time diving ever, which was great), Iriomote (jungle), Taketomi (traditional Okinawan architecture) and Hateruna (southermost point of Japan) and yesterday we took the ferry from Ishigaki to Okinawa Honto, which took 14 hours. So today is our first day in Naha, the capital of Okinawa. The remainder of our vacation will be spent on this island.

I have seen so many beautiful views I can't begin to list them. When I get back next week I'll have a lot of photos to sort through, so it'll take time, but rest assured they will be published here.

See everyone later!

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Posted on: 2008-03-07 00:31 UTC.


Sven W

2008-03-09 08:26 UTC

Konnichiwa! Glad to hear you're having a good time!

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