It's easy to forget that Tokyo is in a mountainous area. Although Tokyo itself has a lot of hills and half the place names seem to end in the kanji for "valley" (including where I live: 世田谷 Setagaya and 祖師谷 Soshigaya both end in "valley") there is little real evidence. Tokyo is so densely populated that there's always something obstructing your view.

But from the 5th floor of the IIS building, where my lab is, when the weather is really clear you can indeed see mountains. Here are two shots in the same direction, one taken without zoom and one with 4x zoom (the maximum optical zoom for my camera).

The big mountain in the middle is Mt. Fuji, I think. It's about the right direction, and there's not much else it could be.

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Posted on: 2008-02-13 05:03 UTC.


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