Nikko day 4

See also: Day 1, day 2, day 3.

Day four was temple hopping. The day started a bit cloudy, but true to the forecasts it quickly got better. In the morning we visited the major shrines of Nikko: the Taiyuin Temple, Futurasan Shrine, Toshogu Shrine (the tomb of Tokugawa Ieyasu), and the Rinnoji Temple. This was followed by lunch, one last time at our favourite restaurant (this time we got some snacks for free, being a regular customer pays off :P ).

After this we walked a path down the Daiya river, leading to a very nice park and a large number of Jizo statues. It is said that if you count them, you always get a different number if you count them again on the way back. However, I got twice the same number. I'm not sure if that's a bad or a good sign. ;)

We took the train back to Tokyo in the afternoon, and ate in Asakusa at a kaiten sushi. Then back to the international house, back home again.

And so ended the best four days I've had in Japan so far. :)

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Posted on: 2007-06-01 14:31 UTC.


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