Not quite used to it

Today for the first time I really went to University to work. I've been there a few times this week for various things but today was the first time I really got to sit down at my desk and work. I don't actually have a computer yet (I used my own laptop), but at least I have a desk, and an office.

And that's just weird. It takes an enormous amount of effort just to open the door to my office without knocking. Sure, there's other people in there too, but I don't need to knock on their account. It's just, for six years if I wanted to get work done at Uni, I'd go to one of the computer labs. The only time I spent in an office is in meetings in someone else's office. And now I've got an office myself. It really helps to drive home the fact that although I'm still going to University, I'm not a student anymore; I'm an employee.

Even weirder perhaps was when I had to fill out some forms for personell services regarding my employment. It was basic stuff: name, first name, title, date of birth. Suddenly, I realised I actually have something to put for "title" now.

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Posted on: 2006-11-30 20:47 UTC.


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