Some site changes

I've made a few small changes to the site today.

The most obvious one is the picture in the header (if you're still seeing the old one, refresh the page). The old picture was a satellite image of Leiden, which hasn't been really appropriate for about five months now, but I couldn't decide on what to replace it with. A similar satellite image of Tokyo might've been nice but the old one had a nice uniform colour scheme on account of all the roofs in the Netherlands being the same colour. Tokyo is more varied in roof colour, which makes it very hard to put legible text over the image. In the end I decided on this image of the Shinkyo sacred bridge from Nikko.

The other changes are less noticeable. For one thing, my own comments are now highlighted, making it easier to see when I've replied to one of your comments. I've also added links at the bottom of the main page to page through the post archive. The category pages, which previously would show all posts in a category which led to huge pages, now show only five posts and use this same paging mechanism. Similarly, on the page for an individual post, links at the top lead to the previous and next post. This should make the blog somewhat easier to navigate.

I've also changed it so a post with images attached shows at most five thumbnails in the post display. Any further images are simply indicated by the text "N more images". This should decrease loading time for posts with lots of images, and should reduce my bandwidth usage.

Categories: Site news
Posted on: 2007-09-11 10:13 UTC.


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