Updated version of "Vista style file dialogs for .Net" available

Vista style file dialogs for .Net 2.0 is a library that allows you to use the new common file dialogs available in Windows Vista with your .Net 2.0 applications (the regular FileDialog classes will use the old-style dialogs even when you're running in Vista). See here for more details.

I've just uploaded version 1.2 (for those of you keeping track, yes I skipped version 1.1; I used this version myself but never uploaded it).

Here's the changes:

  • Updated to use Interop files from the Windows SDK "VistaBridge" sample.
  • Fixed a resource loading bug that could lead to incorrect UI strings on Vista when the Windows UI language does not match the system code page when certain properties of the VistaFileDialog classes were set.

Categories: Software
Posted on: 2006-12-02 17:32 UTC.


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