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A long time ago, after Visual Studio 2005 had just been released, I created the Visual Basic 2005 XML Comment Checker. This application aimed to fix the fact that the VB compiler, which now for the first time supported XML comments, did not warn you if you left publicly visible members uncommented.

I have now rewritten and extended this application to provide far more extensive checks, making it useful for C# programmers as well as VB programmers. The application is geared towards making sure your comments are up to scratch if you intend to build documentation using Microsoft Sandcastle. It checks whether required sections are present, whether parameters, generic arguments, return values and exceptions are properly documented, and it checks for certain keywords that Sandcastle allows to be put in a <see langword="..." /> element to automatically customize them to the current documentation language.

Best of all, it's fully configurable, though the CommentChecker.exe.config file and the command line arguments.

Find out more (and download).

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Posted on: 2007-07-12 12:14 UTC.



2007-07-14 19:39 UTC

I'm having trouble integrating it into my VS build process.
I followed your instructions to add it to the post-build but I'm getting the following:
[EDIT: build output removed, it was breaking the layout]

Sven Groot Author comment

2007-07-15 04:20 UTC

It doesn't look like this command line is correct:
C:\Program Files\XML Comment CheckerCommentChecker.exe

Seems to be missing a backslash. I'd check if your post-build event command line is correct.


2007-07-15 23:38 UTC

Thanks for the tip.


2011-04-17 07:55 UTC

Any change/plans of getting this extremely handy tool to support .NET 4 projects ?


2013-05-28 12:21 UTC

What a great tool. And thanks for providing the source! It seems to work quite well, except it crashes far down when going through this .NET 4.0 .dll file I'm using it on, so I've added a simple/stupid try-catch around that specific part.

Just like Popz, I'm curious if anyone out there has upgraded this to be more 4.0 aware? I searched the net, but found nothing.

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