.Net Configuration Section Documentation Generator configuration

The configuration file for the .Net Configuration Section Documentation Generator allows you to customize the mapping of types (other than ConfigurationElement types) to simple types. Any types that do not have a mapping will cause a xs:simpleType to be added to the schema.

This documentation was generated with the .Net Configuration Section Documentation Generator by reflecting the configuration section, annotating the XSD file, and generating documentation. Although this is only a simple configuration section, it serves as a sample of the output of the document command using the included default XSL transform.


The ookii.docGenerator element

The <ookii.docGenerator> element specifies mappings between CLR types and XSD data types.


Child elements

ElementMin occursMax occurs

The ookii.docGenerator/​mapping element

The <mapping> element defines a mapping between a CLR type and an XSD data type (usually a simple type).

    simpleType=xs:string />


typerequired The full name (including name space, but not including the assembly name) of a CLR type (e.g. System.String).
simpleTyperequired The name of the XSD data type. If the type is in the XSD namespace, use the xs prefix (e.g. xs:string).