Channel 9 International Avatar Creator

The International Avatar Creator lets you create an avatar for Channel 9 using a custom template that optionally indicates your location using a flag and text. This style of avatar was introduced by Jamie, and most of the templates were created by him.

The International Avatar Creator was made back in 2005, and Channel 9 has altered their avatar format since then. As a result, avatars created by the International Avatar Creator will be scaled down slightly when uploaded to Channel 9.

Since the International Avatar Creator is no longer under development, the ability to upload custom templates to this site has been discontinued. If you wish to use a custom template, please use the client version. The client version also allows custom flag images and further appearance customization (such as font options).

Create an avatar


Not all templates use the country flag and location text. For these templates, those fields will be ignored.

The country flag and location default values were automatically set based on your IP address, and may not be correct. Feel free to use any other value you like.

Note: the International Avatar Creator requires that cookies are enabled in your browser.