Find As You Type 1.2 is out!

Well, that was a tough one! Find As You Type for Internet Explorer 1.2 is finally out. I'd started development on this as early as last November, but got distracted by a lot of other things including real work. But now, it's finally done.

Find As You Type 1.2 in Internet Explorer 7 (Click to enlarge)

It's got a whole bunch of new features, including highlight all, a configurable shortcut key, update checking, a close button, the ability to follow links you've found by pressing alt-enter, improved support for frames pages, and more.

A full list of new features, as well as download links, are available here. As before, full source is available.

I'd like to thank Eric Lawrence for his input and help.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment here.

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Posted on: 2007-02-03 13:52 UTC.


2007-02-05 04:18 UTC

can't wait for 1.3 - minor suggestion for the NEXT upgrade: check out how the (similar?) Firefox FAYT works, it disappears after some sort'a timing-out period.!


2007-02-06 08:43 UTC

I'll second that - if this can made to mimick that 'Auto-Hide', with a choice to have the find bar at the bottom of the screen, that would be excellent.


2007-02-13 03:24 UTC

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2007-02-13 13:07 UTC

Thank you


2007-02-27 18:17 UTC

I've installed FAYT 1.2 but ctrl+F just brings up the regular old Windows find dialog box. How to I activate FAYT? "Manage Add-Ons" shows that it is enabled but nothing different happens. It does not show up in the list toolbars either. Please reply via email as I will never remember to check back here. Thanks.


2010-01-15 04:53 UTC

Need v.1.2. Can't find it anywhere. Stupid, 1.3 always closes itself when browser is closed and messes up all my browser bars! Can somebody please send me v.1.2 to ? Thanx

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