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Ookii.CommandLine Namespace

The Ookii.CommandLine namespace contains types to aid with defining a set of accepted command line arguments, parsing those arguments, and generating usage information for them.

Command line parsing is done by the CommandLineParser class. The help topic for that class describes what you need to know to get started using the Ookii.CommandLine library.

Ookii.CommandLine also provides functionality for creating command line applications that perform multiple related operations or commands, where each operation has its own arguments. See the ShellCommand class for more information.

Public classAliasAttribute
Defines an alternative name for a command line argument.
Public classAllowDuplicateDictionaryKeysAttribute
Indicates that a dictionary argument accepts the same key more than once.
Public classArgumentNameAttribute
Indicates an alternative argument name for an argument defined by a constructor parameter.
Public classArgumentParsedEventArgs
Provides data for the ArgumentParsed event.
Public classCommandLineArgument
Provides information about command line arguments that are recognized by a CommandLineParser.
Public classCommandLineArgumentAttribute
Indicates a property of a class defines a command line argument.
Public classCommandLineArgumentException
The exception that is thrown when command line parsing failed due to an invalid command line.
Public classCommandLineConstructorAttribute
Indicates the constructor that should be used by the CommandLineParser class, if a class has multiple public constructors.
Public classCommandLineParser
Parses command line arguments into a class of the specified type.
Public classCreateShellCommandOptions
Public classKeyValuePairConverterTKey, TValue
Converts key-value pairs to and from strings using key=value notation.
Public classLineWrappingTextWriter
Implements a TextWriter that writes text to another TextWriter, wrapping lines at word boundaries at a specific maximum line length.
Public classMultiValueSeparatorAttribute
Specifies a separator for the values of multi-value arguments
Public classShellCommand
Represents a command that can be invoked through a command line application that supports more than one operation.
Public classShellCommandAttribute
Attribute that specifies the name of a ShellCommand.
Public classValueDescriptionAttribute
Provides a custom value description for use in the usage help for an argument created from a constructor parameter.
Public classWriteUsageOptions
Public enumerationCommandLineArgumentErrorCategory
Specifies the kind of error that occurred while parsing arguments.