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Ookii.FormatC Namespace

Contains types for the FormatC syntax highlighter.
Public classCodeElement
Represents an element of source code, such as keywords, comments or strings, and the regular expression that can be used to identify them.
Public classCode exampleCodeFormatter
Provides source code syntax highlighting functionality.
Public classCPlusPlusFormattingInfo
Provides information for formatting C++ code.
Public classCSharpFormattingInfo
Provides formatting info for C# code.
Public classLanguageRegion
Represents a region of multi-language source code that should be formatted by a specific region.
Public classPowerShellFormattingInfo
Provides formatting information for Microsoft PowerShell scripts.
Public classTSqlFormattingInfo
Provides formatting information for Transact-SQL scripts.
Public classVisualBasicFormattingInfo
Provides formatting info for Visual Basic code.
Public classXmlFormattingInfo
Provides formatting info for XML documents.
Public interfaceICustomFormattingInfo
Interface for classes that provide custom, not regex-based formatting.
Public interfaceIFormattingInfo
Interface for classes that provide information for formatting a programming language.
Public interfaceIFormattingInfoWithTypes
Interface for formatters that allow a custom set of identifiers to be treated as types.
Public interfaceIMultilanguageFormattingInfo
Interface for formatters that support multiple languages besides the primary one.
Public enumerationLineNumberMode
Indicates if and how line numbers are added to the formatted code.