Channel 9

Channel 9 is a website for Microsoft developers. In the past, Channel 9 provided forums where I was active for many years. During that time, I created a number of small tools for Channel 9. Although these tools are now no longer useful, they are still provided here for historical reasons.

International Avatar Creator

Create an avatar using a custom template, including a flag and text to indicate your location.


Automatically update your avatar caption with the name of the currently playing song in Windows Media Player, WinAMP, or iTunes.

El Goonish Shive

El Goonish Shive is a webcomic created by Dan Shive. Here you can find several fan pages related to that comic.

Character statistics

The most complete list of characters appearing in El Goonish Shive, including statistics like how often they appeared in each form. Also provides a list of comics that can be filtered by character and form.

Uryuomoco translator

Translate text to and from the alien language Uryuomoco with this translator. A client version is also available for download.

Justin Slay O'Matic

Create a strip slay using the "pointing Justin" meme using this strip slay generator.