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INameServerClientProtocol Interface

Defines the interface used by clients to communicate with the NameServer.

Namespace:  Ookii.Jumbo.Dfs
Assembly:  Ookii.Jumbo.Dfs (in Ookii.Jumbo.Dfs.dll) Version: 2.0.0
public interface INameServerClientProtocol

The INameServerClientProtocol type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBlockSize
Gets the default size of a single block in a file.
Public propertySafeMode
Gets or sets a value that indicates whether safe mode is on or off.
Public methodAppendBlock
Appends a new block to a file.
Public methodCloseFile
Closes a file that is open for writing.
Public methodCreateCheckpoint
Immediately creates a checkpoint of the file system namespace.
Public methodCreateDirectory
Creates the specified directory in the distributed file system.
Public methodCreateFile
Creates a new file in the specified directory.
Public methodDelete
Deletes the specified file or directory.
Public methodGetBlocks
Gets the blocks known to the DFS.
Public methodGetDataServerBlockCount
Gets the number of blocks from the specified block list that the data server has.
Public methodGetDataServerBlocks
Gets the list of blocks that a particular data server has.
Public methodGetDataServerBlocksFromList
Gets the list of blocks, out of the specified blocks, that a particular data server has.
Public methodGetDataServersForBlock
Gets the list of data servers that have the specified block.
Public methodGetDirectoryInfo
Gets information about a directory in the file system.
Public methodGetFileForBlock
Gets the file that the specified block belongs to.
Public methodGetFileInfo
Gets information about a file.
Public methodGetFileSystemEntryInfo
Gets information about a file or directory.
Public methodGetLogFileContents
Gets the contents of the diagnostic log file.
Public methodGetMetrics
Gets current metrics for the distributed file system.
Public methodMove
Moves the specified file or directory.
Public methodRemoveDataServer
Removes the specified data server from the name server's list of known data servers.
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