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E-mail address notification

This post is just to let you know that the e-mail addresses and, previously used for feedback on the Channel9 and El Goonish Shive sections of the site respectively, no longer exist.

The reason for this change is the amount of spam I received on these addresses.

If you wish to contact me for any reason, including anything about those sections, please do so by posting a comment here on my blog.

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Find As You Type for Internet Explorer has just reached 1000 downloads on the site: about 900 x86, and 100 x64 (and an additional 263 downloads of the source code).

And that's not even counting the downloads from Channel9 or other places that may be mirroring it. Since the IE blog linked to Channel9, and since C9 has slightly more traffic than, I suspect it's been downloaded even more times there.

Thanks for your support everyone!

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Posted on: 2006-10-31 23:09 UTC. Show comments (1)

Unfortunately, a day isn't always 24 hours

You may have noticed that the calendar in the sidebar on the right uses a nifty javascript/AJAX implementation so the page doesn't need to refresh when you go backward or forward. Yesterday I discovered a really stupid bug in it: go backward a month, then go forward to October again (unless it's already after October when you read this, in which case you just need to go back, assuming I haven't fixed the bug already). You'll see October 29th appears twice, and the days after it are shifted ahead.

How does this happen? It's because the javascript Date object doesn't have any built-in support for date arithmetic; you can't easily add a day to it for instance. So I built my own support for that. Since you can convert a date to and from a representation in seconds, to advance one day I simply add the number of seconds there's in a single day to the date object. Which worked great, until now.

You see, I'd been working under the premise that dates are all 24 hours long, not an unreasonable assumption you might think. Unfortunately, thanks to the end of Daylight Saving Time, October 29th is 25 hours long, throwing off my algorithm.

I'm going to fix this, of course. Soon, I hope.

UPDATE: It appears I'm an idiot, and the Date object does support the type of arithmetic I need. I don't see how I missed that when I implemented it... Anyway this'll make fixing it a lot easier. I still need to actually do it, of course. :)

Update 2006-10-31: The bug has been fixed. All seems well with the calendar now.

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Burning up!

Who turned on the heat? Really, it's like 30C outside, unbearably hot for someone like me (I've always been better at coping with cold rather than hot weather). How am I supposed to get any work done in temperatures like this? Fortunately it'll get a little cooler soon.

In case you hadn't noticed yet, I've done a pretty big update on the El Goonish Shive section of the site. I've updated the look, got a new version of the Uryuomoco Translator out, and put some new stuff on the character statistics page. For full details, I refer to this post on the Keenspot forums. Or you could just check it out for yourself.

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Welcome to!

Welcome to, Sven Groot's website. I am a Dutch former-student, graduated Master of Science in Computer Science in 2006. I am currently living in Japan and am a research student at Tokyo University.

Some of you may be wondering what "ookii" is. "Ookii" (in Japanese: 大きい), which is roughly pronounced as the English sounds "oh-key", is Japanese for "big". My last name (Groot), is Dutch for "big". Because I am an afficionado of Japanese culture (next to my major in computer science I also followed Japanese language courses at Leiden University for almost two years) - and because the domain name was available :) - I thought this would be a nice name for the site.

There are currently five major sections to the site. First is this, the blog. Here you can find interesting and not so interesting stuff I have to say. I've tried blogging before, it wasn't such a big success, so don't expect very frequent updates. But at the very least major new additions to the site will get a mention here in a blog post, and no doubt I'll occasionally post other stuff as well.

Then there's the University section. Here you can find various projects, papers and presentations I've done as a student at Leiden University's Computer Science department.

Under the Software section, you can find various applications I've written, all including source code. This includes the popular Find As You Type add-on for Internet Explorer.

The Channel9 section is the home of everything I've done related to Channel9. Here you can find the C9 International Avatar Creator and C9Music.

And lastly, the El Goonish Shive section contains stuff related to the webcomic El Goonish Shive. Located here are the English/Uryuomoco Translator and the EGS Character Statistics.

If you wish to contact me, the best method is to post a comment right here on the blog.

Updated 2007-03-18: updated text so it's a more general introduction to the site.

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