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Find As You Type to be included with German magazine

The German computer magazine c't have indicated they want to include Find As You Type on a DVD they will include with the magazine later this year. I've given them the go-ahead of course.

The spread of my fame continues. :-P

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Posted on: 2007-04-20 12:39 UTC. Show comments (5)

Japanese Input and Dictionary

A long time ago, when I first started to follow Japanese language courses at Leiden University, I was the proud owner of a Palm M100, which I used to run KingKanji (without which it's doubtful I ever would've made it through those courses; I can really recommend that application to anyone who needs to learn kanji). But that was about all I could do because nothing else really fit into it's 2MB memory.

Shortly afterwards I got a HP iPaq h1930. Suddenly I had space for more, and quickly found Mike Johnson's Japanese SIP and dictionary. But these applications, while very useful, did lack certain features I wanted (and the dictionary app was just plain slow, not so much because of the search itself but because of how the results were displayed), so I quickly decided to make some changes.

Some changes turned into a complete rewrite. In the case of the dictionary, I quickly ditched the original Embedded Visual C++ 4 version in favour of the .Net Compact Framework, leaving almost nothing from the original except the EUC to Unicode conversion tables. For the SIP I stuck with the original code for quite a while, but in the end I still rewrote the whole thing (still in C++, since there's no other choice for SIPs) using a much cleaner object-oriented design (imo of course :), and a completely new look. Here only the handwriting recognition algorithm itself (which dates back all the way to Todd David Rudick's JavaDict from 1997, so admittedly it isn't all that advanced) remains, and even that was cleaned up a little.

This was a few years ago, and while the apps were usable enough for me, they didn't quite have the level of polish I require when I put stuff online. Now, since I'm going to Japan next month, I figured it would be a good time to take out those last few rough edges, add a few additional features, and release it.

So today I have two new downloads: Japanese Input and Pocket Dictionary (ultimate proof that I'm even worse at naming applications than Microsoft's marketing department).

Japanese Input and Pocket Dictionary in action

Both work on Windows Mobile 2003 and newer (including Windows Mobile 6), and offer full support for devices with alternative resolutions such as 192DPI (480x640 VGA devices) and 128DPI (the new 320x320 Windows Mobile 6 devices) and of course screen rotation is also supported.

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Posted on: 2007-03-04 16:34 UTC. Show comments (2)

Find As You Type 1.2 is out!

Well, that was a tough one! Find As You Type for Internet Explorer 1.2 is finally out. I'd started development on this as early as last November, but got distracted by a lot of other things including real work. But now, it's finally done.

Find As You Type 1.2 in Internet Explorer 7 (Click to enlarge)

It's got a whole bunch of new features, including highlight all, a configurable shortcut key, update checking, a close button, the ability to follow links you've found by pressing alt-enter, improved support for frames pages, and more.

A full list of new features, as well as download links, are available here. As before, full source is available.

I'd like to thank Eric Lawrence for his input and help.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment here.

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Posted on: 2007-02-03 13:52 UTC. Show comments (6)

C9 International Avatar Creator update

In honour of the upcoming holiday season I decided to resurrect Jamie's Christmas avatars. I also took the opportunity to release a small update to the C9IAC itself (as well as the accompanying template editor).

The biggest improvements are in Vista compatibility (it now uses Segoe UI for the UI font, and it will use the Vista style common file dialogs) and high-DPI compatibility. But there's also other stuff, including some UI updates, a change in the default font for avatar text to Calibri, and some other small stuff.

C9 International Avatar Creator

Go check it out!

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Posted on: 2006-12-15 16:01 UTC. Show comments (0)

Updated version of "Vista style file dialogs for .Net" available

Vista style file dialogs for .Net 2.0 is a library that allows you to use the new common file dialogs available in Windows Vista with your .Net 2.0 applications (the regular FileDialog classes will use the old-style dialogs even when you're running in Vista). See here for more details.

I've just uploaded version 1.2 (for those of you keeping track, yes I skipped version 1.1; I used this version myself but never uploaded it).

Here's the changes:

  • Updated to use Interop files from the Windows SDK "VistaBridge" sample.
  • Fixed a resource loading bug that could lead to incorrect UI strings on Vista when the Windows UI language does not match the system code page when certain properties of the VistaFileDialog classes were set.

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Posted on: 2006-12-02 17:32 UTC. Show comments (0)

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